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And result of scanning your network

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   The result of scanning of a network is displayed in a window "Devices" on the left panel in the form of quantity of hosts in a network and execution time of operation of scanning, and also in a window "List of hosts" on the right panel in the form of list of IP addresses of accessible hosts (by default), MAC address and names of remote hosts (optional). You can select a demanded host or group of hosts and to research them further commands "Scan ports...", "Send->" "test packets" or "Ethernet frames", "Trace route" or "Ping", having selected them from the popup menu. The command "Scan ports itself" fast scans opened TCP and UDP ports of a local host, but thus on 100 % for a short while loads the CPU.
   Following three commands - "Capture->all Ethernet frames", "Capture->all IP packets" and "Capture->filtered packets" start process of capture of the network traffic.
   All these commands (except "Send") are duplicated in "Command" item the application main menu. Commands "Stop ports scan" and "Stop send packets" interrupt performance of processes of scanning of ports and sending of packets respectively, and also are duplicated in "Command" item the main menu and in the popup menu of an icon of the application in system tray. More about ports scan...