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How to filter your capture traffic

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   The command "Capture->filtered packets…" opens a window "Filters" on the left panel of the main window of the application. The IP addresses selected for filtering (no more than five) are duplicated in a window "Host", by means of the popup menu there it is possible to add the broadcast address, to delete the IP address, to clear all list. Each address can assign ports for incoming ("In port") and outgoing ("Out port") traffic, simply double-clicking on the line with the port number (by default - any) and having entered demanded value. In windows with tabs "TCP 1", "UDP" and "ICMP" appropriate types of protocols of packets, encapsulated in IP packet are selected, demanded options of a packet of IP protocol are selected from a window "IPv4".
    Button "Capture" starts process of capture of packets, button "Stop" interrupts this process. The captured packets are output in a window "Traffic online" on the right panel of the main window of the application. More about HEX editor...