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Change virtual network device configuration

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   Consequences of change of the IP address of a real network card can be pitiable, therefore at first it is necessary to be trained in virtual address space. In a window "Devices" on the left panel allocate with the left button of the mouse a line with number or the IP address of the virtual adapter, click with the right button and in the popup menu choose a command "Calculate subnet space". The result of its performance will appear in a window "List of hosts" on the right panel in the form of the list containing subnet address in the dot notation, subnet address in the CIDR notation, the first possible the IP address, quantity possible IP addresses, last possible the IP address and broadcast subnet IP address. Also the list of possible values of separate fields of a mask subnet is deduced. Now choose a command "Change IP/mask". The window "Devices" will change a kind: in a window "IP address:" enter wished IP address, for example "", in a window "Mask:" change a mask, for example "" and press button "Apply" for confirmation of all changes. Then again choose a command "Calculate subnet space" and compare result with previous - the quantity accessible IP addresses has doubled etc.
   Only precisely knowing that it is necessary for you also what there will be consequences - it is possible to begin change of values of IP addresses etc. on real network devices.