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How to edit packets

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   The menu command “File->Open->any source” the application main window calls standard dialogue of opening of a file for further editing contained in a window “HEX editor” on the lower panel. With the left mouse button select string interesting you, press the right mouse button and from the popup menu select command "Edit". The first pair of hexadecimal digits will change color and is ready for editing. Arrows of cursor update to the right or to the left install the cursor after the necessary digit, erase its key “Backspace” and type the desired value. Pressing the key “Enter” will select the following pair of digits etc. while the cursor again will select the first pair of digits. If you do not accept the made changes, select “Undo” menu command and the string will return to an original form, differently select “Save command” for saving of the changed string in a file with a former name or the command “Save as …” for call of standard dialogue of a saving file.
   Command of menu "Find" will open standard dialogue search of the necessary string of the text in a file, and the command "Clear window" will clear an edit window. More about network decvice configuration change...