The packets sniffer "easy Look at Packets"

   "easy Look at Packets" is simple packets sniffer. Packets are filtered on IP addresses, ports and protocols - TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP.The decoded contents of the chosen packet can be seen in an child window:


   The view mode of packets content can be changed, having chosen item of menu "options-->data in hex-view-->only UDP " – only of UDP packets data are visible in a hexadecimal view:

HEX mode

or "-->TCP and UDP" – accordingly data of a TCP and UDP packets.It can be useful at viewing contents a web - pages to not litter the screen with huge hexadecimal dumps.

   The following item of menu - " options-->view TCP data-->in text mode " the similar purpose serve – content a web - pages conveniently represent in a text view, however binary data of TCP packets possible to see only "-->in ASCII mode":

ASCII mode

   In the current version the opportunity of viewing of all traffic between pair hosts. For this purpose it is necessary to press a button " both traffic ":

One way traffic

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