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   The main window of the program parts on three panels with tabs - left, right and bottom. After starting the program in the window "Devices" of the left panel displays brief information about your computer - the name of the operating system, computer name, name of domain and address of DNS server. Below is a list of available network devices - network cards, modems, etc., with IPv4 and IPv6 (if available) addresses, network mask, MAC address and name of the manufacturer device. A device #0 is a virtual local host adapter - actually is not a device and serves for the calculation of network address space and teaching bases of CIDR notation.
   The first device in this list is set to "default device" , which are produced and further action, and most importantly - to scan the network. Scan result - a list of computers displayed in the window "List of hosts" in the right pane. In the window "Traffic online", is on the right panel shows a list of the captured packets, the window "Traffic offline" displays the contents of a previously saved packets file. The contents of the individual selected packet is displayed in the window "Packet in HEX" in hexadecimal form, in the window "Data in ASCII" output, if any, are readable packet data. In the window "HEX editor" displays the contents of the packet, or any other small file selected for further editing.
   Further more details about creating a simple dialog-based GUI with code examples.