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How to scan your network

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   You can start the network scanning process with default settings - simply click on the string with device description or device IP address in a window "Devices" on the left panel of the application main window. For access to the network scan options you should select string with device description or device IP address with the mouse left button click, and click on the selected string with the mouse right button, and select with the mouse cursor the popup menu item named "Net scan options" and select necessary option from the derived menu. The important option - "Rescan delay" - allows to change time delay between two packets successively sent on the one IP address and thus to be set up to parameters of a real network, the default value - 20 milliseconds, quite approaches in most cases. Also you can select options "MAC address resolve" and "Host name resolve" for mapping the MAC address and a name of a remote host, however the name resolving is enough durable operation and in certain cases essentially decelerates scanning process. The option "Scan Net at startup" automatically starts process of a network scan in the following session with settings from the previous session. All these options are duplicated also in the item "Options->Net scanner" of the program main menu.
   The next menu item - "Scan Net->silent mode (default)" - this command start process of the network scanning in a "silent" mode. It is a network scan mode by default and it is not detected by many firewalls, unlike the normal mode, starting with command "Scan Net->normal mode", when on everyone IP address of all address space of a network are dispatched real UDP packets. The command "Stop Net scan" interrupts process of a network scanning. Both commands are duplicated in "Command" item of the application main menu and in popup menu of the application icon in the system tray.
   Three following commands - "Add IP address/mask", "Delete IP address/mask" and "Change IP address/mask/gateway" allow to manipulate values of the IP address, a mask and the default gateway of the selected network device.
   And the last command - "Refresh host info" restarts listing process of active network devices (for example, for definition dynamically connected ADSL modems or USB Bluetooth devices).
   More about network scan with code samples...