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How to scan your network

How to obtain an IP address range to scan

<< 1 2 2.1 2.2 3 ... 10 >>

   In the previous example code for simplicity used hardcoded number of IP addresses and the starting address to scan the network, which is no good. Network World has switched from classful network addressing to Classless Inter-Domain Routing - CIDR. This method of IP addressing, which allows flexibility to manage IP address space without using a rigid framework of the class address. There are formulas to calculate and convert, but I do not work with them, and I solved the problem can be said tabular method. Below is the beginning and end of the code is long and ugly, but it works. I limited the maximum number of IP addresses in 2 to 24 degrees, a number of IP addresses will be scanned for days ;). The latest version of the project "Netscaner DEMO", with the full function of calculating the number of IP addresses to scan here.
   More - result of a network scan...