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   Starting with version 2.2.8 setup file contains two copies of utility - one for 32-bit Microsoft Windows, one for 64-bit. Dictated by the fact that it is now to capture Ethernet traffic using NDIS protocol drivers of different vendors - to 32-bit version of the modified ndisprot.sys of the Microsoft WDK, the 64-bit version of the driver from the library WinPCap npf.sys, which is downloaded and installed separately. At the time it was the only digitally signed protocol NDIS driver for 64-bit OS Microsoft Windows Vista / 7. Unfortunately, the test on Windows 8 Consumer Preview driver installer gave an error of incompatibility with the OS. After a while I accidentally from Realtek site found in the public domain digitally signed NDIS protocol driver rtndpt60.sys, which is installed correctly on Windows 8 Consumer Preview, and the released version utilities have a driver from the company Realtek.
   Finally, the screenshots show that Windows 8 Consumer Preview forwards HTTPS encrypted telemetry data packets to a site you know who. Just below you can see what kind of telemetry - the brand of the monitor, PID and VID USB ​​keyboard and mouse for some reason passed by a simple HTTP protocol does not seem particularly important is the data. Well, then, as always signed EULA without reading it - get leakage of the computer configuration data. On the other hand, even enjoy, as long as it contributed to the quality of products, means we are using.
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