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   Users reported an error when running the utility on a Windows XP or older - choice of Wi-Fi interface for capturing traffic ended in failure. Although in the test Windows 7 the same adapter (D-Link DWA-125) worked without errors. The reason was that my NDIS protocol driver starts to capture traffic by default into "Promiscuous mode", and wireless adapters apparently don't support this option. In version 2.2.6, released today, this error is resolved. Now the driver binds to the adapter, and then switches into "Promiscuous mode", and as you can see in the picture, in the case of the wireless adapter, captures only incoming traffic. In the following illustration shows how to get out of this situation - start capture traffic by selecting the "Capture-> filtered frames..." drop down menu on the tab "List of hosts" or "Command->Capture-filtered frames..." the main menu. In the left panel opens the tab "Filters->Ethernet", where you need to check mark to capture all traffic except item "all", and start the capture by clicking the "Capture" button below. In the following illustration shows that the traffic now captures and inbound and outbound.
   I'll say it again: if start capture traffic by selecting "Capture->all Ethernet frames" drop down menu on the tab "List of hosts" or "Command->Capture->all Ethernet frames" main menu, the seizure will occur in "Promiscuous mode" that you need and in most cases, besides grabbing wireless (Wi-Fi) traffic. In this case, you need to do as above, or open the tab "Filters->Ethernet" in the left pane, uncheck the "all" by disabling the "Promiscuous mode", and click on the "Capture" button to start grabbing traffic.
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