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How to send packet to an IP

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   On command "Send->" opens popup menu with additional options and commands. At first you should on command "Choose packet as test" select preliminary saved an IP packet or Ethernet frame for sending to the address selected by you. Then, if you wish to transmit a stream of packets, to select an option “Batch send timeout" - the period necessary to you between separate packets. And at last commands "single 'test' IP packet" and "single 'test' Ethernet frame" send single IP packet or the Ethernet frame accordingly, and commands "batch of IP packets" and "batch of Ethernet frames" start process of sending of a stream of packets or frames. The command "Stop send packets" interrupts a stream of packets and is duplicated in the popup menu of an icon of the application in system tray.
   More about trace route...
   Select the appropriate packet from the list of captured packets and save it with the command "Save packet as ...",
in this case, such as "arp.efr".
   Right-click the IP address that you want to send a packet,
and in the drop-down menu command "Choose packet to send" select a previously saved package, in this case, "arp.efr".
   If you want to send a stream of packets, command "Batch send timeout" select the interval between the individual packets,
and the command "batch of Ethernet frames", in this case, start the process of sending a stream of packets.